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By Request

Christmas Lunch Hours

Starts 28th of November
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  • Tuff Enough 60’s Dance Party!

    Oct 2018
    - 7:00pm -

    TUFF ENOUGH! #4! We are ready to dance again!!

    Land of 1000 Dances is putting on Perth’s best 6Ts DANCE PARTY!
    And it’s FREE!

    Expect the best of raw SOUL, howlin’ RHYTHM &

    BLUES and raucous GARAGE ROCK to make you dance like lunatics.
    All this, on the wooden dancefloor in the fancy upstairs bar of The Spaniard in Wolf Lane.

    Come early for a bite, stay late for a dance! Or eat your tapas on the dance floor, if that’s your wish!

    DJs: Mister Kicks, Dr Boomfuzz & Screamin’ JP
    100% Vinyl.

  • Footloose

    Oct 2018
    - 8pm -

    The Spaniard upstairs becomes an epic dancefloor of retro leg warmers, fluro shirts, headbands, thin ties and ripped blue jeans as we power up the DeLorean to 88mph and head back to the 80’s!

    You can expect to hear all your favourites from Michael Jackson, Prince, REM, Queen, The Eurythmics, New Order, Depeche Mode, Simple Minds, Culture Club, Duran Duran, Madonna, Bowie, INXS, A-ha, Run DMC, Salt-n-Pepa, Billy Idol, Tears For Fears, The Smiths, The Cure, The Human League, B-52’s as well as many one hit wonders that will have you flash-dancing across the room.

    Entry is FREE

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